The Manifesto

In my professional life, I’m an evangelist for fitness, strength, eating well, playing hard, and becoming happy. Since the time that those notions became part of a tagline for that business, I’ve also learned about breathing deeply, sleeping like your life depends on it, compassion for those on different paths, patience, continuous learning, community, and fullness.

I am most fulfilled in my professional life when I’m able to help facilitate significant changes in the lives of my clients. They do all the work and endure all the challenges. When they are successful, their achievements are immeasurable.

In my personal life, maybe like you, I’m a work in progress. I do my best to lead by example with many of the behaviors I preach at the office. Because my work generally means I’m teaching people how to live well, and I should be living well myself, it’s difficult to separate my personal life from my work life.

I mean, when is having nutritious meals at home, getting 8 hours of shut-eye each night, and practicing deep relaxing belly breathing, not literally eating, sleeping, and breathing work 24-7?